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The Ultimate Guide to Commission an Artist

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Picasso Flip has been in commissioned portrait business since 2002. We took lots of art commission orders with various requirements every year. Commissioning a painting/drawing is actually a fantastic way to get a piece that’s just a bit more special. However, the process could be a headache for those who don’t have experience to hire an artist to paint a portrait or any custom art. So, how do you commission an artist? Please read this easy-to-follow guide on ‘how to commission an artist’.

Step 1: Preparation – Figure out what you want

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I have any specific idea and requirements?

  1. What style am I after? – Make sure you have some images for artist’s reference.

  2. What size do I need?

  3. How much do I want to spend on this project?

  4. Do I know how much does it cost to commission an artist?

Please note that it would be hard and time-consuming for artist to work with you if you are not clear about what you are after. So, please do the preparation job first.

Step two: Choosing the artist

Picking an artist is the most important step. There are lots of artists out there on deviantart/reddit taking commission orders, but not all are your ideal choice.

Here’s how to choose a right artist:

Check the artworks they done on their website/pages

  1. Nowadays, most of the artists have a website/page showing their information and artworks. See the paintings/styles they previous done. Make sure you like their artworks. It would be good if they have already done similar works before.

  2. Check their reviews and what others say about them. Pay attention to their negative reviews.

  3. Go to their contact page, call or email them to see if they are available to take orders. You can also check if they are friendly and easy to communicate with.

Step 3: Contact the artist

If you finically pick an ideal artist, then the next step is contact him/here and discuss your order. Remember the first step about the preparation? Make a document and send the information to artist. Make sure give artist pictures for reference.

Step 4: Payment

Discuss with the artist on payment terms. An ideal way is pay deposit first and balance after artwork approved. That’s what we usually do with our orders. Customer pay 20% deposit to start.

Also, make sure they have money back guarantee. Because sometimes shits happens, if the final artwork is not what you expect. You can get your money back, nothing to lose.

All in all, commissioning painting should be fun and enjoyable. Choose an artist you can trust and comfortable to work with. Hope you you like this how to commission an artist guide. Good luck with your project.

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